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Help with Videos

Embedded Clips

For visitors using a 56k internet dialup connection we have embedded short video clips in some webpages. These pages display a Windows Media Player, and the clips should start playing fairly soon after you open the page.

If the clip "appears" to be playing, the slider moves but no video shows, your connection speed may be too slow for the video. You can download the video file to your computer and play it from your Windows Media Player. Click the link to the video file below the player to download the video clip to your computer. If you need to also download a player, follow the links on this page.

Streaming Videos

For people with a faster internet connection, we have supplied longer, larger streaming videos. These videos are in Windows Media format. Click the link below the embedded player to launch a stand-alone Windows Media Player and view the video.

Download Players

Windows Media Player | Windows Media Player for Mac OS


If you are still having trouble viewing the videos, please email the webmaster.