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Fireplace Mantles and Stone Chimneys

Chimneys and Stone · Mantels

Chimneys and Stone from Old Cabins and Barns

The traditional pioneer fireplace chimney in the Appalachian Mountains was built from sandstone or limestone, the most plentiful and easiest material to work. We have complete and partial stone chimneys in both, as well as recycled stone.

Shown here are some examples of what we have, contact us by email or telephone (304.497.2300) to request what you need.

** Click on photos for larger picture or more information. **

Grinding Stone Set


Grinding Stone Set. Click the picture for larger view.

smstonetrough.jpg - 5728 Bytes


Hand Cut Stone Trough. Click the picture for larger view.

Stone Trough


Cut Stone Mantel Surround. Click the picture for larger view.

Barn Stone - Cut Stone for Sale


Cut Barn Stone. Click picture for more information.

Incredible Stone Fireplace


14' Sandstone Archway circa 1875. Notice the hand cut blocks and the ornate hand carved decorative stone. Click the picture and links for larger views. Arch Detail 1 Arch Detail 2

Booth Chimney - click image fror larger view.


Click on the picture for larger view and another view of the Booth Chimney

Incredible Stone Fireplace


This is the nicest stone fireplace we've seen. Circa 1806, this hand cut sandstone fireplace is 7' high and 8' wide. It has the original pot cranes. Adjacent to the hand cut fireplace is a handmade wall cabinet. Click on the picture for more photos and details.

Hand Cut Sandstone Chimney


Vintage Southern Hand Cut Sandstone Chimney, two story and 5 ft. wide. This relic of days gone by is the only survivor of an old woodland home and is in great condition as it presides over the two story home which it helped to heat for generations. Pay close attention to the massive hand cut square block. 2nd picture, 3rd picture

Sandstone Chimney


Sandstone Chimney

A very nice 1 1/2 story chimney with large cut stones.


Cut Stone Chimney

Detail of the Lewis chimney.


Lewis Chimney

Chimney from the White house


White House Chimney

Another Chimney from the White house


2nd White House Chimney

Chimney from the Webb house


Webb Chimney

Stone Foundry


Stone Foundry

Fireplace mantels

Click on a mantel picture for a larger view. These are examples of the mantels we may have in stock at any given time, if you don't see what you are looking for just ask.

Very nice wooden mantel from an old house.


Wooden mantel.

smfauxmantle.jpg - 9543 Bytes


A faux finished mantel hand painted in a wood grain pattern.

sm1840mantle1b.jpg - 9424 Bytes


mantel left is an antique from the 1840's.

Another Antique 1840's mantel


Another 1840's mantel.

hand-hewn Antique Chestnut mantel


Antique beams make excellent fireplace mantels. We can supply the raw beams for you to finish, or we can recommend a woodworker who can complete the mantel to your specifications.

As shown here, this hand-hewn Chestnut mantel retains all the character and patina of age. The beam was supplied by Vintage Log and Lumber, the mantel and supports constructed by Bob Hoffa of Alterra Furniture in Renick WV.

Don't see it here? We can find it!

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Chimneys and Stone · Mantels