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Salvaged Materials from Old Cabins and Barns

We try to waste nothing in our recycling of the antique log cabins and timber frame barns that we salvage. Contact us by email or telephone (304.497.2300) to request what you need.

Old doors often have wonderful hardware.

Doors and Windows

Antique doors and windows often have interesting hardware and glass.

Fireplace Mantles

Antique 1840's Mantle

The mantle above is an antique from the 1840's. In addition to salvaged mantles like the one shown above, fireplace mantles can be constructed from recycled whole beams. Chestnut Mantle.

The mantle below is a faux finished mantle hand painted in a wood grain pattern.

Hand painted wood grain faux mantle.

Furniture and Built-ins

Hand painted Wood Grain window.

Hand painted faux finished window, wood grain pattern.

Chestnut built-in wardrobe

Shown left is a built-in wardrobe made of Chestnut.

From the 1840's, a built-in bookcase.

From the 1840's, a built-in bookcase.

Painted Mail Pouch sign.

Painted Barn Siding

This "Mail Pouch Tobacco" sign is a real classic. Vintage Log and Lumber can supply painted barn sides and old signage for your special projects.

One man's trash...

Antique Tools

From time to time we have nice antique and old tools. If you don't see it here, contact us with your requirements, by email or telephone 304.497.2300 or fax 304.497.2300

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