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Timber Frame Barn Inventory

** Click on Photo for larger picture and more information. **
Some barns now have on-line videos. Click for information or help with videos. VHS tapes are also available.

If you want something larger than a cabin, check out these antique salvaged timber frame barns. What is Timber Framing? Also check out our recommended books.

Cut stone foundation and White Oak hand hewn timbers

Hand Hewn White Oak

Boggner Barn

2 story 36' x 50' Bank Barn, hewn White Oak timbers and cut stone foundation.

Hand hewn White Oak timbers

Hand Hewn White Oak

Ferguson Barn

2 story 40' x 60', Hewn Oak timbers and cut stone.

Eastern PA style Bank Barn

Originally belonged to George Washington's adopted daughter.

Custis Barn

a Tall 2 story 40' x 66', Sawn Oak timbers.

38 x 40 English Threshing Barn

English Threshing Barn

Sherba Barn

38' x 40' Oak Hand Hewn Logs

16 x 16 NC Log Outbuilding

Log Outbuilding

NC Log Outbuilding

16' x 16' Oak and Pine Logs

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Fine Craftsmanship, Oak Logs

Weeter Barn

70' x 45' with massive logs.

Nice hewn beams in large barn.

Queen Post

McClane Barn

2 story 45 x 70, Hand-hewn Oak timbers.

2800 sq ft. barn with oak rafters.

2800 Sq. Ft.

Fry Barn

70' x 40' with Oak rafters.

Interior of one story barn.

King Post and Purlin Supports

Gunoe Barn

One story with tall loft, Hand-hewn Oak timbers.

Cline Barn

5544 Sq. Ft. barn with Oak and Pine Flooring and Maple Rafters circa 1850

Cline Barn

66' x 42' 2 stories.

Large Oak Timbers

40 x 60 barn with Oak Timbers circa 1850

Hiler Barn

40' x 60' 2 stories 5 bent 4 bays.

 1/2 story saddlebag

Water powered Grist and Reciprocating Saw Mill circa 1875

Booth Grist Mill

48' x 36' 2 stories with loft and Sandstone Foundation.

45 x 50 Hand-hewn English Threshing Barn

Hand-hewn Oak English Threshing Barn with addition

Beggs Barn

45 x 50, video

30 x 40 Hand-hewn English Threshing Barn

Hand-hewn Oak English Threshing Barn

Donley Barn

30 x 40

30 x 40 Tock Barn

30 x 40

Tock Barn

30 x 40

large pennsylvania bank barn

42 x 72 Pennsylvania Bank Barn

Quincy Barn

42 x 72 oak, 22' to the eaves, video.

10 x 32 timber frame outbuilding

10 x 32


10 x 32 Timber Frame Outbuilding

Mc Cormick

22 x 22

McCormick Barn

2 story with Oak Poplar and Hickory Logs.


32 x 43

Stoller Barn

32 x 43 Timber Frame Barn.

Unique Structure for Sale

Sorry, This church is SOLD.

Spectacular timber frame roof and truss system

1823 Church

Hewn maple timbers and wide pine flooring,
gothic windows, bell, vespry and sanctuary.

Pennsylvania cantilevered Bank Barn

Sorry, This barn is SOLD.

Two Story Cantilevered Bank Barn

Nina Cray Barn

36' x 56' two story cantilevered Pennsylvania bank barn with sawn oak timbers.

20 x 30 Oak Carriage House.

Circa 1865

1865 Carriage House

20' x 30' with hand hewn oak timbers.

Sorry, This barn is SOLD.

20 x 30 Oak Carriage House.

Sorry, This barn is SOLD.

Circa 1865

1865 Timber Frame Barn

30' x 40' barn with hand hewn oak timbers.

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50 x 50 English Frame hand hewn oak barn.

30' clear span!!

McIntyre Frame Barn

50' x 50' with large oak timbers, a 30' clear span and 10' salt box addition.

50 x 50 hand hewn oak barn.

Big 10" x 10" hand-hewn oak timbers.

50 x 50 PATF Barn

50' x 50' with 4 bents 3 bays.

36 x 46 hand hewn oak barn.

Nice hand-hewn oak timbers.

Hughli Barn

36' x 46' with hand-hewn oak timbers.

40 x 60 Oak Barn-  with hand hewn timbers

Hand hewn Oak

1866 Bank Barn

40' x 60' Oak barn with nice hand hewn timbers.

Sorry, This barn is SOLD.

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Hand Cut Limestone Barn

Sorry, This barn is SOLD.

Hand Cut Limestone Barn

Hope Stone Barn

45' x 75' with hand-hewn oak timbers.

Saltbox Style Bank Barn

Sorry, This barn is SOLD.

Saltbox Addition

Click Saltbox Style Bank Barn

36' x 55' with hand-hewn oak timbers, 5 bents, 4 bays.

30 x 50 PA Bank Barn big timbers.

Sorry, This barn is SOLD.

Big Timbers, Queenpost Truss System

Pennsylvania Bank Barn

30' x 50' Hand Hewn Oak barn, 4 bays, big timbers, Queenpost Truss.

50 x 110 Oak Barn-  tapered timbers, with shouldered braces, purlins and girts

Sorry, This barn is SOLD.

#1299 Barn

50' x 110' Oak barn circa 1870, 5 bays, 6 bents

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Hand Hewn Timber Frame barn with mortise and tenon.

Sorry, This barn is SOLD.


28 x 52 oak barn circa 1850.

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Sorry, This barn is SOLD.



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Timber Frame Barns

sm1299barnladder.jpg - 3157 BytesTimber Frame Structure

Timber framing is a two thousand year old system of building that has changed throughout history to reflect both available resources and technology. It is post and beam in a self supporting structure which keeps the posts rigid and cantilevers roof forces into the walls. A more sophisticated form of building than stacked log construction, it requires greater skill and also uses less materials. The mortise and tenon joint was first created around 300 BC.

The Timber Frame Barn offers a wonderful opportunity to create or enhance the larger structure such as a lodge, restaurant, bed and breakfast, or even a barn. The timber frames can be altered, shortened, or lengthened to accomodate your dream plans.

Vintage Log and Lumber has both Hand Hewn and Sawn Timber Frames. If it isn't in our inventory, we can locate the ideal antique building for your dream plans. Photographs and Videos are available.

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