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Recycled beams and lumber.

Beams and Barn Siding

These shorter beams are destined for resawing.

Vintage Log and Lumber specializes in locating antique wood you need for a special project. Salvaged and recycled wood can add the character you want to an existing structure. Hand hewn and resawn Beams in Oak, Pine, Poplar, and Chestnut are listed below. We can provide Barn Siding and custom resawing.

Check our additional inventory of Chestnut Lumber and Antique Lumber, and Split Rail Fencing.

Antique Beams

Vintage Log and Lumber can supply both hand hewn and sawn beams in several species and sizes. Hand hewn beams are priced by the linear foot, siding and resawn beams by the board foot. Shorter cants, as shown above, are destined for resawing into siding and flooring, or to be made into Fireplace Mantles.

Antique hand-hewn Chestnut Mantle

Antique beams make excellent fireplace mantles. We can supply the raw beams for you to finish, or we can recommend a woodworker who can complete the mantle to your specifications.

As shown here, this hand-hewn Chestnut Mantle retains all the character and patina of age. The beam was supplied by Vintage Log and Lumber, the mantle and supports constructed by Bob Hoffa of Alterra Furniture in Renick WV.


Assembling a flooring order.

Barn Siding

Siding is stickered and covered.

For the classic old look and warm feel, nothing surpasses the patina and character of antique barn siding. Barn siding is available in Oak, Chestnut, Pine and Poplar. Each of these traditional species has it own distinct grain, texture and color. The ends of our barn siding boards are square, and all are solid. If you don't see it here, contact us with your requirements, by email or telephone 304.497.2300