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More about Cabins and Barns

Featured Structure, the Logan House

Log Cabins, once common throughout the Appalachian Mountain regions, are today quickly vanishing. Every axe cut and adze mark in a hand hewn log cabins tell the story of our pioneer heritage and the spirit of self reliance that forged this nation. We invite you to recapture a moment of our pioneer past in pictures.

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The Story Behind Our Cabins

Each Log Cabin is numbered with easy to read metal tags, diagrammed and blueprinted. All damaged logs are replaced with sound timbers of the same Species and Notching style. Our craftsmen can deliver, or reconstruct the cabin on your site.

Before the siding was removed.

Before and After
There's a story behind the discovery and salvaging of an antique log cabin. Here's a very nice cabin that was quite a diamond in the rough. At first glance this little mountain house did not seem attractive.

The yard and porch was full of debris, and the structure was covered by worn siding and half hidden by a sagging tin roof. Only the stone chimney whispered of promise.

Big beautiful logs revealed!

But check out the fantastic logs under the siding! These large oak timbers feature half dovetail notching, and the siding that hid them from view also protected them from the elements. The Lerew is bigger than it looked, 19 x 25 an 1 1/2 stories.

A lot of care and work goes into restoration and recycling.Ready for reconstruction.


Traditional Notching Styles (check back for more pictures)

V Notch
V Notch
Half Dovetail Notch
Half Dovetail
Notching Detail
Square Notch


Traditional Wood Species (check back for more pictures)

Poplar log shows hand hewn marks.
Close up of hand-hewn Chestnut log.
Poplar log shows hand hewn marks.
Poplar log shows hand hewn marks.