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Vintage Log and Lumber Specials

We have Mail Pouch painted barn sides, antique mantles and fireplaces, extra special lumber, antique book cases, built-ins and more - even a working windmill!

Lumber Specials!!

Great prices on wormy chestnut, 4/4 shorts, maple planking, hickory and antique resawn oak. Click for Lumber Specials

3/4 Rounded Hand Hewn Beam ! ! ! won't last long ! ! !

Hewing marks show in this photo.

If you are building a beach rock fireplace this 12' long wormy chestnut 3/4 rounded hand hewn beam would add just the right touch !! Click on the picture for more photos and details.

This photo shows the one flat side on which can be seen the hand hewn cuts.

Sandstone Iron Foundry

Circa 1790.

Iron Foundry circa 1790

Incredible Stone Fireplace!!

This is the nicest stone fireplace we've seen. Circa 1806, this hand cut sandstone fireplace is 7' high and 8' wide. It has the original pot cranes. Adjacent to the hand cut fireplace is a handmade wall cabinet. Click on the picture for more photos and details.

Fantastic Stone Fireplace with Original Pot Cranes

Mail Pouch Signs

Classic Painted Barn Signby Harley Warrick.

Between 1946 and 1992 Harley Warrick, often working by himself, made the Mail Pouch barn an American landmark by painting the Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco advertisement on the sides of more than 20,000 barns in the United States. Click on the picture for larger views and more about Harley Warrick.

Antique Furniture

Chestnut built-in wardrobe

Shown left is a built-in wardrobe made of Chestnut.

From the 1840's, a built-in bookcase.

From the 1840's, a built-in bookcase.

Hand painted Wood Grain window.

Hand painted faux finished window, wood grain pattern.

Fireplace Mantles

Antique 1840's Mantle

The mantle above is an antique from the 1840's.

The mantle below is a faux finished mantle hand painted in a wood grain pattern.

Hand painted wood grain faux mantle.

The mantle below is a painted mantle circa 1880.

Painted Mantle circa 1880 Salvaged antique Chestnut beams make excellent hand-hewn mantles.

Antique beams make excellent fireplace mantles. We can supply the raw beams for you to finish, or we can recommend a woodworker who can complete the mantle to your specifications.

As shown here, this hand-hewn Chestnut Mantle retains all the character and patina of age. The beam was supplied by Vintage Log and Lumber, the mantle and supports constructed by Bob Hoffa of Alterra Furniture in Renick WV.

One of two old growth redwood tanks.

Special Finds

Old Growth Redwood Tanks

We have two of these 100,000 gallon Redwood water storage tanks that would make excellent dwellings or home additions.

The Redwood is beautiful old growth staves, 3" x 22'. The tanks are in excellent condition, 22' tall x 27' in diameter.

Hand chipped sandstone 'Springhouse Trough'

SOLD Hand Chipped Springhouse Trough

This sandstone water trough is extremely rare. It is in excellent condition, and was beautifully hand knapped.

It is 3' x 6' x 1-1/2' tall. SOLD

Click for a larger view of Chestnut Lumber.

Special Chestnut

For thick, wide and special Chestnut, give us a call.

Click on the picture to see a larger view, and get a good idea of the typical character of antique salvaged Chestnut. This picture shows both worm holes and a nail hole with slight iron stain.

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Windmill in Working Condition

Working Windmill

This windmill is Amish built and still works.

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