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Sorry, This cabin has been SOLD.

For those of you considering a cabin for Bed and Breakfast accommodations this Saddlebag would be a neat attraction. Just add a communal kitchen and bath to the back and let the guests enjoy the privacy of separate living space and the upper story bed rooms.

1 1/2 story saddlebag.

Here is a unique log cabin that is a Saddlebag Design constructed of poplar logs with a Central Sandstone Chimney. The total size is 17'x40', story and a half, and in great condition. This cabin was used as a home until quite recently so it's ready for new owners to move on in! There are windows and doors on the front, back, and on one side of the cabin.

The 17' x 20' side

Left front side view: This side of the cabin is 17'x20'. As you can see there is a window and door on the front of this cabin. Pay close attention to the chimney here which can be glimpsed by looking closely between the two cabins.

The 14' x 17' side

Right front side view: A 14'x17' cabin. There is a door in the front and in the back of this cabin, also windows in the front and in the back of this cabin.

The 17' x 20' side

View from left side: The cabin on the left displays large log faces.

The 17' x 20' side

End view: Notice the two windows lending natural light to both the upstairs and downstairs.

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